Windows 10 Lock screen woes: no slideshow, no clock, no apps info being displayed

So not too long ago I decided to enable slide show for my lock screen on Windows 10. I thought it’d be great to see some of the amazing backgrounds I have for my desktop on my lock screen when I walked up to my computer. After all, how often do you hit WIN + D to view your desktop? Continue reading

Windows Phone 8 backup restore and 8000ffff errors on app downloads

Well, can’t say that I expected this one. I’m on the phone with my T Mobile rep and about to enter into the wonderful world of a factory reset on my new Nokia Lumia 925, Windows Phone 8. “But don’t worry”, I said to myself, “my apps, texts, and settings are backed up to my Microsoft account”. Well there should have been a pause there. Welcome to the wonderful world of the awkward 8000ffff error and how to get around it. Continue reading