Windows 10 Lock screen woes: no slideshow, no clock, no apps info being displayed

So not too long ago I decided to enable slide show for my lock screen on Windows 10. I thought it’d be great to see some of the amazing backgrounds I have for my desktop on my lock screen when I walked up to my computer. After all, how often do you hit WIN + D to view your desktop? Continue reading

Flash Builder java heap errors, limitations of -Xms and -Xmx

As the reason for most of these posts to come out, there’s been something that I’ve been fighting with for a very long time now.  Flash Builder performance.  It’s always been sluggish and quite frankly it’s a huge memory hog.  Eventually I came across posts about how to increase the heap size of the java virtual machine that Flash Builder uses via adding -Xms and -Xmx switches with the appropriate values afterwards.  But after a while Flash Builder will crash out with java heap errors, which directs me, yet once again, to go back and adjust those flags in the FlashBuilder.ini file. So how can I get this program to behave better? The trick brought back memories of the days when 64 bit processors where first introduced.

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FxCop, oh where have you been all my life?

So recently I’ve come across a new extension for Visual Studio 2010 called Visual Studio Achievements, which is a fun little extension that just made me chuckle a little, especially considering it isn’t anything that will make me more productive.  Or did it? Discovering this little gem did introduce me to FxCop! Can’t believe that I’ve been tooling around in the .NET world and never heard of this little tool.  Because I’m feeling particularly lazy today, here’s a “what this is about” snip right from the msdn page.

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