Flash Builder java heap errors, limitations of -Xms and -Xmx

As the reason for most of these posts to come out, there’s been something that I’ve been fighting with for a very long time now.  Flash Builder performance.  It’s always been sluggish and quite frankly it’s a huge memory hog.  Eventually I came across posts about how to increase the heap size of the java virtual machine that Flash Builder uses via adding -Xms and -Xmx switches with the appropriate values afterwards.  But after a while Flash Builder will crash out with java heap errors, which directs me, yet once again, to go back and adjust those flags in the FlashBuilder.ini file. So how can I get this program to behave better? The trick brought back memories of the days when 64 bit processors where first introduced.

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Flash Player trace logging not working anymore!?

“Somewhere, somehow Flash Player trace logging stopped appearing in the flashlog.txt file.”

I’m sure many of you have had that thought run through your mind.  I know I’ve been fighting it for a long time now.  I do component development for SAP BusinessObjects Xcelsius and for their newly released SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 4.0 sp4.  When I work on my Xcelsius connectors I flip back over to Flash Player 9 as somewhere during the Flash Player 10.x trace logging just stopped.  Also I’m on Windows 7, and since Windows Vista the only way to install the connectors in is to run Xcelsius as an administrator.  So somewhere along the way the latest Flash Players have stopped logging to the flashlog.txt file, which for those who do component development for Xcelsius and Dashboards 4.0 know that will really slow down your debug time.  But how can I get this working again?  The answer wasn’t nearly as straightforward as I hoped.

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Here’s to the blog *cheers*

Well, what can I say?  For starters, I think a warm welcome is in order.  So, welcome to my blog.  Check out the About Me page to find out what makes me tick.  I recently attended the “Day of Scott” event with azgroups.  It was an awesome event where we learned some new features of Windows Azure, presented by none other than Scott Guthrie himself.  One of which was the introduction of website hosting in their virtual environment in the cloud.  Hence what you see here.  Not only did we learn more about Azure, but also new and not-so-well-known features of Visual Studio 2012 presented by the very funny Scott Hanselman.  Followed up by a very interesting presentation about SignalR presented by Brady Gaster, self proclaimed twitter maniac.

So what will you expect to see here on my shiny new blog?  I’ve been wanting to start one up for some time now as a place where I can dump my findings on little gotchas as I play around in the world of coding.  My main focus is Flex, sprinkled in with some HTML5, jquery, and KendoUI, or whatever language I happen to be messing with at the time.  I hope this would prove to be helpful so others don’t have to suffer the same fate of trying to search the web for hours, never finding the answer.  I also hope this will help me as well. I know I don’t always have the best, or even the right, answer to the problem.  I definitely encourage you to participate as well and give feedback.  I know together we will learn a lot.

So, here’s to the blog *cheers*